Miss Hill Country Pageants - A Division of Texas Choice Pageants
1. Photogenic.
Can enter at pageant check in. No limit on entries. Each is $20. Photos must be 5x7 or 8x10. Color or black and white. Natural photos only. No glitz retouching. Photos can be professional or snapshots. We are looking for a clear, untouched photo that represents the contestant well and shows poise and personality. Name and age as of pageant day must be clearly marked on the back. Photos will be returned. One winner in each age division. Portfolio. Can enter at pageant check in. One entry only. Portfolio is a book or binder that contains 5-10 photos of varying looks. All photos must be 8x10. Portfolio must be marked with contestant name and age as of pageant day. Portfolios will be returned. 
2. Talent. Ages 1 and up. Enter 1 times. Show of your talent styles such as singing, dancing, baton twirling, reciting a poem, sign language, etc. Outfits must coordinate to talent. Makeup rules do not apply here. More info on talent in pageant packet. You supply the music if needed.
3. Best dressed. One winner in each age division. Judges will select the outfit of style from a combination of Casual Wear & Formal Wear competition.  Pageant rules apply. 

Modeling—Pro-am modeling is not allowed during the Formal Wear or Western Wear competition. We will have a standard T formation marked out on stage. 3 X’s in back and 1 X in front. Use natural straight pageant walk. Show poise and grace in these competitions. Keep it simple. Modeling scores are not given however we would like to keep it uniform for beginners as well as old pageant pros! Babies 11 months and under must be carried on stage by one parent during competition. Babies are judged only on facial beauty and personality and there are no extra points or benefits to babies that can stand or walk. Contestants’ ages 12-23 months must have a parent on stage with them. Contestants’ ages 2-3 years must have one parent back stage and may be on stage only if child will not go on stage otherwise. Coaching on or off stage or behind judges tables is NOT allowed.
No parents, coaches or makeup artists or hairstylists will be allowed in Hallway Lineup for children ages 13 and up. This helps prevent chaos and keeps the hallway clear for pageant personnel.
Props— Props may be used for Talent competitions.
Clothing—can be custom made or off the rack. You’re choice! TCP does allow bling, rhinestones, lace, etc. Show your personal style while keeping it age appropriate. Formal wear MUST be floor length for contestants ages 10 and up. Glitz pageant costumes not allowed. Onstage introductions will be recited on stage for ages 4 and up in mandatory t-shirt and denim bottoms of your choice. Samples of clothing will be posted on our website for use as a guideline. Costumes may be used for Talent.
Makeup—absolutely no makeup on contestants ages 5 and under. Light school age makeup on ages 6-19. Keep it simple, flawless and fresh! Ms. and Mrs. Contestants must also possess a simple, flawless natural makeup look. No heavy make-up allowed. No fake tans, eyelashes, or flippers. Makeup rules do not apply for Talent
Hair—should be elegantly styled. No hairpieces allowed.
Onstage Introduction—doing on stage with microphone and should be 30 seconds or less. Clothing needed for this event is mandatory White shirt with denim bottoms of your choice. Shoes to match and not distract from contestant while on stage. This competition is worth 1/3 of the score for ages 4 and up. Speak flawlessly and age appropriately.
Music—will be provided by pageant system for all competitions except for Talent.
Scoring—we use a basic 1-10 scoring system for all events. Scores are tabulated via computer on Microsoft Excel with our official tabulator inputting scores. Tabulator and judges only have access to contestant numbers and not names for overall fairness of tabulation. Parents may request judges comments after the event via email.
Optional contests—can be entered at the door during pageant check in. Optionals available are Best Dressed, Photogenic, Talent, Western Wear. Or view schedule for our new mail in check in!!
Cash only---during pageant weekend to pay for Photography CD, Optional contest and door entries.